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Maintenance Tech II CIC/Jail Building


The purpose of this classification is to perform skilled mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and manual work associated with maintenance of county facilities, equipment, buildings, and grounds within an assigned department/division of the County.  Duties and responsibilities include repairing/maintaining buildings and systems, operating/maintaining equipment, performing general preventative maintenance, and performing related tasks.  Reports to Operations director.



The following duties are normal for this position.  The omission of specific statements of the duties does not exclude them from the classification if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment for this classification.  Other duties may be required and assigned.

Perform skilled/manual work and operating equipment associated with general repair and maintenance of county buildings, equipment, grounds, and related facilities within an assigned County department.  Assigns tasks, coordinates work activities, and provides training and instruction as needed.  Monitors status of work and assists in troubleshooting problem situations.

Performs skilled, semi-skilled, and manual work involving building maintenance, building construction, roofing, painting, carpentry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, welding, heating, air conditioning, and/or other projects within the assigned department.

Performs various tasks associated with building construction or building maintenance, such as constructing or remodeling buildings/structures, installing walls/ceilings, hanging/finishing drywall, installing flooring surfaces, laying carpet, installing doors/trim, installing drop ceilings, replacing ceiling tiles, repairing roof leaks, constructing wood structures or cabinetry, painting interior/exterior surfaces, pouring concrete, repairing/replacing door hardware, replacing door/window glass, or maintaining fire extinguishers.


Performs various tasks associated with electrical, plumbing, or mechanical projects, such as troubleshooting electrical/plumbing problems, installing/repairing electrical devices, installing electrical receptacles and switches, assembling/installing light fixtures, replacing breakers, replacing light bulbs and ballasts, installing/repairing plumbing fixtures, installing/repairing backflow prevention devices, clearing water lines and drains, repairing plumbing leaks, repairing/rebuilding motors and pumps, repairing/replacing bearings and packings, or repairing/replacing gear boxes and belts.

Performs various tasks associated with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system projects, such as servicing/maintaining HVAC systems, cleaning condenser coils, or cleaning/replacing filters.

Performs general/manual work tasks associated with various department projects, which may include assembling furniture, installing furniture/fixtures, hanging artwork/fixtures, moving equipment/furniture, picking up supplies, or locking/unlocking buildings.

Operates a variety of machinery, equipment, and tools associated with projects and work activities, which may include a utility truck chain saw, skill saw, circular saw, drill, shovel, mechanic tools, carpentry tools, plumbing tools, electrician tools, or two-way radio.

Inspects/tests machinery, equipment and parts for proper operations; makes adjustments, repairs or replacements as appropriate; reports problem situations.

Performs general/preventive maintenance tasks necessary to keep vehicles, equipment and tools in operable condition, which may include inspecting equipment, refueling vehicles, checking fluid levels, replacing fluids, greasing equipment, changing tires, tightening bolts, replacing parts, sharpening blades, washing/cleaning equipment, or cleaning shop/work areas; monitors equipment operations to maintain efficiency and safety; reports faulty equipment.

Transports, loads and unloads various equipment and materials used in projects.

Follows safety procedures, utilizes safety equipment, and monitors work environment to ensure safety of employees and other individuals.

Monitors inventory levels of department materials, tools, equipment, and supplies; ensures availability of adequate materials to conduct work activities; initiates requests for new or replacement materials.

Prepares or completes various forms, reports, correspondence, work orders, or other documents.

Receives various forms, reports, correspondence, work orders, receipts, diagrams, policies, procedures, manuals, reference materials, or other documentation; reviews, completes, processes, forwards or retains as appropriate.

Communicates with supervisor, employees, other departments, the public, contractors, outside agencies, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, exchange information, or resolve problems.

Provides response to after-hours calls or emergency situations as needed.

Safety sensitive position subject to pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and random drug screens.


Provides assistance to other employees or departments as needed.

Performs other related duties as required.


High school diploma or GED; supplemented by vocational/technical training in general building maintenance, building trades, mechanics, grounds maintenance and equipment operation; supplemented by three (3) to five (5) years previous experience and/or training involving general building maintenance, building construction trades, mechanics, grounds maintenance, equipment operation, and maintenance work in area of assignment; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job. Must possess and maintain a valid Tennessee driver’s license. Tasks involving installation/repair of backflow prevention devices require possession and maintenance of valid Backflow Prevention Device Assembly & Testing certification. Tasks involving refrigerant recovery require possession and maintenance of valid Type I/II Refrigerant Transition & Recovery Certification.


Data Utilization:  Requires the ability to calculate and/or tabulate data. Includes performing subsequent actions in relation to these computational operations.

Human Interaction:  Requires the ability to exchange information for the purpose of clarifying details within well established policies, procedures and standards.

Equipment, Machinery, Tools, and Materials Utilization:  Requires the ability to operate and control the actions of equipment, machinery, tools and/or materials requiring complex and rapid adjustments.

Verbal Aptitude:  Requires the ability to utilize a variety of reference data and information.

Mathematical Aptitude:  Requires ability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; ability to calculate decimals and percentages; ability to utilize principles of fractions; and the ability to interpret graphs.

Functional Reasoning:  Requires the ability to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagrammatic form. Involves semi-routine standardized work with some latitude for independent judgment concerning choices of action.

Situational Reasoning:  Requires the ability to exercise judgment, decisiveness and creativity in situations involving a variety of generally pre-defined duties which are often characterized by frequent change.



Physical Ability:  Tasks require the ability to exert moderate, though not constant physical effort, typically involving some combination of climbing and balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, and crawling, and which may involve some lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling of objects and materials of moderate weight (12-20 pounds); may occasionally involve heavier objects and materials (up to 100 pounds).

Sensory Requirements: Some tasks require the ability to perceive and discriminate colors or shades of colors, sounds, depth, texture, and visual cues or signals.  Some tasks require the ability to communicate orally.

Environmental Factors: Performance of essential functions may require exposure to adverse environmental conditions, such as dirt, dust, pollen, odors, wetness, humidity, rain, fumes, temperature and noise extremes, machinery, vibrations, electric currents, traffic hazards, bright/dim light, or toxic agents.


Wilson County, Tennessee, is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the County will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer. 

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Monday, 22nd February 2021
Sunday, 7th March 2021
Department: Sheriff
Shift: 40 hrs/week
Job Type:
Full Time
Education: High School
Pay Rate: $18.51

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