When facing an employee relations issue it is important to document the occurrence and discuss improvements or changes needed. The Corrective Action Form will allow you to document both verbal and written warnings in a consistent manner.

Performance Evaluations should be conducted for all employees annually. You will notice there is an self-evaluation form to be completed by the employee during the same time period the supervisor is completing their evaluation on that employee. Once both parties have completed the paper evaluation a private one on one meeting should be scheduled to discuss the evaluation. During this meeting both the employee and the supervisor should agree and set goals for the upcoming year for the employee. These goals will be incorporated in next year’s evaluation. If the employee was scored below a 3 on any given skill set on the evaluation, a performance improvement plan should be completed with a plan of action to improve the behavior or skill to an acceptable standard. If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process please do not hesitate to call the Human Resources Department